Provocative Hypnosis by Jørgen Rasmussen
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Provocative Suggestions by Jørgen Rasmussen
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WARNING! If you are of the very sensitive nature and disposition then perhaps best to not read on....

From the foreword by Lewis Walker MD

• • •

This is a remarkably practical little book. Jørgen has a very readable voice. The examples are really useful and something to recommend for practical therapists with some NLP/hypnosis background, especially. The book does a good job in mixing stories with principles, the narratives are interesting and attention grabbing, then the explanations flesh out the story. I also like the way Robert Kegan’s model is explained. It makes his approach very useful and some of what the more enlightenment-oriented followers of Ken Wilber’s version of integralism have turned into esoteric mumbo jumbo quite sensible and useful for the therapist.

Chris Cowan, Co-founder of Spiral Dynamics and NVC Consulting

• • •

This brilliant book is raw, honest and of real value. Illustrated with compelling dips into the author’s case book and clear descriptions of his bread and butter techniques, it has the potential to transform you as a therapist or better still turn you into a self-transforming agent of change.

Anthony Jacquin, Hypnotist and Hypnosis Instructor

• • •

When I first read Jørgen’s first book Provocative Hypnosis I was totally inspired to learn more about his work but I needed an answer to a burning question. Were these client stories really true? From 2009 I started hosting ‘Provocative Hypnosis’ seminars and my questions were more than answered. Firstly because as I took Jørgen to the port one day I met his mother and her friend who, on dropping him off, told me all about the ‘Anorexic’ woman (her niece) who was now totally cured and had completely turned her life around…

It was signed and sealed confirmation for me and more importantly gives me the opportunity to second it all by saying to you, the reader, that I became witness firsthand to some of his client work since then and written about in his new book (Provocative Suggestions).

This is without doubt one of the best books I have ever read that totally surpasses his previous book by its sheer authenticity in writing and this man’s humility when it comes to sharing his work. I am privy to transformations in people that quite literally helped me to aim high when it comes to personal transformation and not become just another NLPer, Hypnotist, etc.

Jørgen moulds his work from a variety of sources (that he not only acknowledges and gives credit where credit is due) but also layers the tools, tips, techniques, and more importantly the pitfalls of falling into certain ways of thinking/being when doing change work…

From start to finish he takes you inside the mind of the client and the mind of Jørgen Rasmussen and guides you, the reader, to become masterful in your client work. This is in my opinion a writing masterpiece that will have you seriously improving and humorously laughing your socks off in both shock and awe…

Wayne Marsh, NLP Trainer and Serial Entrepreneur

• • •

When I was learning Taijiquan many years ago, I was always being told that I should choose a master and study deeply with him and him alone (or her)… That this was the only proper path to mastery. I ignored this and studied deeply with many (at one time studying concurrently with five different instructors). My mindset was that whatever skills I developed, they were going to be mine—embodied in MY body and, as such, personalised and unique. I was building MY art and MY skill, not just trying to take on board someone else’s conception of what was ‘right’. This approach paid dividends for me and I found myself rapidly accelerating past my classmates in terms of skill and ability.

Many years later, when I got into hypnosis/NLP/general brain-wrangling I took the same approach—study broadly and study deeply…explore and experiment. Generate an approach that made sense and worked for me (and I’m still doing it). One person I have learned a phenomenal amount from—and count myself very fortunate to know—is Jørgen Rasmussen. Like me (only most likely bolder and braver), Jørgen is an explorer, tester and integrator…which seems to make him one of a rare breed.

Rather than going ‘all in’ with any particular philosophy or school of Changework, Jørgen pragmatically explores and draws from a range of sources. But ABSOLUTELY NOT in a random or mismatched way. What he achieves is a cohesive hybrid, rigorously tested and thought through, where each element contributes to a powerful and unique gestalt.

But what is also true of Jørgen is that he is not building a static masterpiece or a signature approach that he can trademark and sell. He is always refining, adding, subtracting, and holds absolutely no allegiance to one fixed path, even of his
own creating.

As I mentioned, Jørgen has been a huge influence on me in the four years I have known him, and he has introduced me to several sources that have become integral to my own work—especially Robert Kegan’s developmental psychology, the REBT philosophy of Albert Ellis, The Work of Byron Katie, and William Glasser’s ‘Choice Theory’. In this book Jørgen will introduce you to his own integration of this work.
Some aspects he speaks of explicitly and in great length, others shine through in the thinking. The heady brew that is created is presented via case studies and personal explorations. I believe that this book will greatly serve anyone who works with clients in the capacity of helping them change behaviours, responses and results. It is a call to practitioners to escape from inward-looking silos and raise their eyes and minds to see what else is out there that may contribute to their evolution and efficacy.

James Tripp, Hypnotist and Transformative Coach

Listen to a Client Interview and hear the responses.....

Jørgen Rasmussen
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